We welcome you to the wild stage-extravaganza of the legendary Fools Brothers and their latest show: "On A Magical Mystery Detour".

The polished blend of exhilarating stupidity and unparalleled magic, brought to you by the two brothers Lionel and Liam Fool will leave you amused and baffled.

You will enjoy magical nonsense at the highest stage. Comedy Magic as never seen before.

Nouveau Clowns

The "Fools Brothers" are part of the so called "Nouveau Clowns"! The roots of this movement lie in the late 70s and the "Anarcho-Clown" Jango Edwards! Jango played a crucial role in initiating this worldwide revolution in clownery: untethered from circuses and red noses to feud the dry and biased image of regular clowns.

Jango Edwards directed the latest Fools Brothers show.


Lionel & Liam Fool are played by Michael und Andreas Swatosch. You could characterize Lionel as the classic whiteface clown and the younger brother Liam, as the August! To combat boredom efficiently we are regularly welcoming the Fakir Ali Bamba, the Mentalist Dr. Dam Mad, the Mysterious Swandini and others. The lack of economic means forces Michael and Andreas to take on those acts themselves.