Lionel & Liam Fool are performed by the brothers Michael and Andreas Swatosch: They bring together 70 years of stage experience!!! Michael and Andreas are trained magicians. They are the co-founder of the “1. Wiener Zaubertheater“ (= “First Vienna Magic Theatre“). Additionally to their artistic acts they are managing the “Circus & Clown Museum Vienna“.

Since 2004, Michael and Andreas have worked intensively on various projects, productions and special corporate events with the clown legend Jango Edwards achieving their own legendary fame.

... The result of this collaboration, cooperation plus complicity is revealed and exhibited in the new performance of “The Fools Brothers Show“ presented by the balmy, buffoon brothers!

They were honoured by the “Academy of Magical Arts - Magic Castle - Hollywood“ for their contributions to the professional Art of Magic. Since 2010 Michael and Andreas have been master class instructors and permanent faculty members of the annual “Nouveau Clown Institute“ series.


Michael Swatosch

+43/676/340 75 65


Andreas Swatosch

+43/676/406 88 68