The Great Swandini - Prophet of Phenomena / Sewer of See - Cygnus

presented by Dr. Dam Mad

Swan is the translation of Cygnus which is one of the suns in the north constellation southwest of Draco, containing the bright star Deneb. The voyage from his system solar to our solar system was a long flight and his wings are still tired but that’s another story.


The scientific world has been dumbfounded and mentally incompetent unable to fathom, perceive, comprehend and has not finally clarified how his abilities works.

He can see the future; he can see the past. He can see all above, he can see all below not to mention he see whats’ right and what’s left. The Great Swandini

or which is but you can determine for yourself that it works: This is how The Great Swandini gives you the objects Dr. Mad be shown by the audience from

ten meters away. And all this blind - without tricks and double bottom.

And ... although Swandini is actually just a stupid chicken!


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