Dr.  Dam Mad - Psychic Clairvoyant

The doctor, is the mastermind mentor and the absolute authority on the world of spiritualism, telepathy, mind reading, ESP, thought-transference, call it what you will.

The Dr. D. Mad is the overlord of the ancient transcendental dark arts which he employs depending on the requests at the occasion of a seance reading. Telekinetic, psychic seer, soothsayer are keywords that you have probably already dealt with. The fascination of his supernatural manifestations’ contacting the souls of purgatory can plays with our thoughts and teases one’s imagination! - Maybe we are wrong and let ourselves be fooled? But do they really exist?

Lean back, relax and immerse yourself in a world where the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Accompany Dr. Mad on this journey to a world which is between day and dream. You can say he’s crazy, a lunatic or even insane but the doctor prefers you call him Dam Mad ... Dr. Dam Mad!


Michael Swatosch

+43/676/340 75 65


Andreas Swatosch

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