Nouveau Clowns & Jango Edwards

The “Fools Brothers“ are members of the global “Nouveau Clowns“ tribe family! This new clown movement originated in the early 70s and inaugurated by the “Anarcho-Clown“ Jango Edwards!

Renouncing the classical circus, he revolted and rejected the sacred red nose and abandoned the cliché, stereotyped prejudiced clown images of the artists of past generations. Jango was a rebel and co-initiator of a worldwide revolutionary movement in the name of clown.

Today, Jango Edwards is the director of this Fools Brothers Show!


That's what the Fools Brothers are all about: You should use your SMILE much, often more! It makes our world a little bit more liveable!

... the world needs clowns! ... or to quote Jango Edwards:

"All you need is laugh!" ;-)


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Andreas Swatosch

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